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Phases & Cycles specializes in independent technical and behavior analysis of North American securities and indices (S&P 500, S&P 100, DOW, S&P/TSX, and TSE Indices).

We provide both short- and long-term oriented investment research to assist money managers, investment advisors and individual investors in their decision making. These unique reports reach more than 1000 users.

What We Do

Research Reports

Actionable and timely investment ideas about the Canadian and U.S. equity markets; to alert clients to potential capital appreciation.

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A unique service that allows clients to request assessments of specific securities.



Regular and timely Webinars to inform our clients on market conditions and stock selection.

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Barron’s – Market View

The first half of July saw the S&P 500 get to and stay above the 2,960 level, move through 3,000 and make several more new all-time highs.  The platform for further advance that we spoke of is under construction.  The NASDAQ and Dow Industrials also caught up and...

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I first read about Ron Meisels and Phases & Cycles when searching for market analysis articles about  six month ago. I found a true legend regarding technical trend following advice.  Ron has correctly called inflection points during the current bull run, while industry pundits were calling for a market crash.

His technical commentary and analysis are very well thought out and provide many other dimensions about the U.S. and Canadian markets. I really wish i would have been following Ron 8-10 years ago.

I highly recommend Ron Meisels’ and his team’s valuable market analysis and stock publication.  It’s a must have, if you are serious about protecting your capital and building wealth

Shayne S.

Austin, TX.

Phases and Cycles has helped me immensely in making money for my clients and as important, has saved my clients money in their excellent chart work. I seldom make a move without consulting their technical wisdom. They provide a most important investment tool.

Richart Hart

3Macs Ltd

As a Portfolio Manager and 25 year student of the markets, knowing that we have access to your incredible wealth of technical expertise provides us a great deal of assistance. Over the years,  you have been an exceptional resource and we greatly appreciate your on-going, timely market and individual security analysis reports.

Gary M. Renaud, CFP®, CIM®, FCSI, TEP


I have been following Ron for over a year but have known him for quite a while. The thing I like most about Ron’s recommendations is that they are technically based, have upside and downside targets and as the stocks move higher Ron adjust the stops correspondingly. In addition he is steeped in his analysis so you won’t find him flipping easily on his overall view. The courage of his conviction is based upon the research of his numbers which leads to a great track record for any investor.

Jim Beqaj

Beqaj International Inc.

Congratulations after a lifetime of helping us “read the charts”! All the best.

Rod Matheson

Aligned Capital Partners

I have benefited from reading your thoughtful and uncannily accurate analysis over the years! Keep up the good work.

David Cobbett

MacDougall, McDougall & MacTier Inc

Thanks to you for many great money making ideas over the years!!

John W Casey

BMO Nesbitt Burns

Congratulations for many years of helping investors make good solid decisions based on clearly explained Market action. Thank you Ron for all your service to the investment industry.

Don Walcot

Thank you for your time. I was too young to realize at the time, but you did have a big positive influence on my 35 year career.

Kenneth Tsang

Kenneth Tsang Financial Management Group

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