About Phases & Cycles®

Mission Statement: To provide the best technical research on North American securities.

Phases & Cycles Inc. is one of North America's leading providers of independent investment research. Since 1990, the firm has furnished its clients with actionable and executable investment ideas for both the U.S. and Canadian equity markets. Phases & Cycles supplies its research to over 100 companies across North America and Europe through timely reports and consulting services.

The research, which is based on technical, cyclical and sentiment indicators, includes: Market Comments that address the direction of the sectors and the indices; clear, concise and most importantly actionable Buy and Sell Reports for over 500 U.S. and Canadian stocks; a list of Trade and Investment Ideas, which keeps track of current and past stock reports; and Ron's Briefs which are short, to the point messages published at important market junctions.

Statistics show that these ideas have had a high success ratio and a better than average gain.