Products & Services

Our analysts strive to deliver innovative, actionable and timely research. We believe our services provide an early warning, alerting our clients to a potential price move before it occurs.

Our research services, based on behaviour analysis (cyclical, sentiment and technical indicators), are used by a variety of subscribers from Institutional Clients who wish to compare their fundamental research with our technical conclusions, to Investment Advisors seeking new ideas to achieve profitable results; and Individual Investors who are keen on getting more ideas and information about their investments.

We publish:

  • Market Comments bi-monthly, which have an excellent track-record in predicting market directions.  We are famous for making a “10,000 in 2000” forecast in 1995, when the DJI was at 3800.  We were also one of the first to declare the end of the bear market in October 2002, the end of the bull market in 2008 and the beginning of the current bull market in April 2009.
  • Canadian & US Stock Reports consist of Buy and Sell reports on Large, Mid and Small Cap Canadian and selected U.S. stocks.  We are especially noted for our Sell reports on Nortel at $90 and Sino-Forest at $19.80.
  • Trade Ideas provide short-term oriented suggestions including specific targets and stop-loss levels. Trade Ideas are published daily and the full list is published weekly.
  • Ron's Briefs  are short, to the point messages published at important market junctions.

We also host Market Outlook Webinars at regular intervals.

Our publishing schedule has grown through the years.  It grew from 100 in 2000 to over 200 in 2014.